UK consumers tracking fight against campylobacter online

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UK consumers tracking fight against campylobacter online
UK consumers tracking fight against campylobacter online

The UK’s Joint Working Group on Campylobacter has launched a website allowing consumers to follow its progress in tackling the bacterium.

Under new chairman Richard Macdonald CBE, former NFU Director General, the JWG has stated its commitment to increasing awareness and transparency of the work the group is undertaking and its progress in tackling campylobacter.

The website provides outlines of this work and the interventions being trialled by industry to find a solution to the global problem of the naturally occurring and complex bacterium. An analysis of these interventions has been provided, alongside an assessment on whether they can form part of a comprehensive mix of interventions that can kill the bug for good.

The website also provides advice to consumers on how to tackle the bug at home. Like any bacteria, campylobacter is killed by proper cooking and good kitchen hygiene should always be followed when handling any meat.

“The Campylobacter website is a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to reassure consumers we are working hard to tackle campylobacter,” said Macdonald CBE.

“The British poultry meat industry, FSA, DEFRA, NFU and retailers have been working together since 2009 to understand this global issue and identify the means to tackle it. This website is a central resource for anyone wanting to understand more about the work the group has undertaken and to keep updated on developments.”

“Consumers should rest assured that the Joint Working Group remains confident of finding the right mix of interventions and technologies to tackle campylobacter once and for all.”

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