Changing times for the global poultry industry

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Changing times for the global poultry industry

True to tradition, the International Poultry Exposition (IPE) will again be held in Atlanta, GA, USA during the last week of January, 2012. Unlike in previous years however, the show will now run from Tuesday till Thursday. Yet, IPE is dedicated to keeping its international exposure, being one of the major shows for the international poultry business.

By Ad Bal
For many consecutive years, the IPE show in Atlanta took place from Wednesday till Friday during the last week of January, starting with the International Scientific Forum running on Monday and Tuesday. But times are changing. History has taught that many exhibitors were just focusing on Wednesday and Thursday and also the majority of the visitors were registered during these two days. As a result the Friday seemed to fade away.
In order to also let the final show day be attractive for both exhibitors and attendants however, the organisers decided to let it start running immediately after the scientific forum has ended. As a result, it will now open its doors at noon on Tuesday, January 24. A number of exhibitors who are members of the Showco group, will not be on display however, having decided to exhibit in odd years only.
IPE Week
Yet there’s still much to do in Atlanta. The entire week has been officially designated as “IPE Week,” with an emphasis on educational programs rounding out the week-long event. With the show, including the International Feed Expo (IFE) now starting at noon on Tuesday, the shift will help allow an increase in the amount of education programs available at the front and back end of the expo.
IPE 2012 will include a tentative schedule of conferences to include several new programs with up-to-date and relevant information concerning the poultry and feed industries. The IPE Week gives an opportunity to provide a wide choice of additional programs, which, according to the show organisers was not possible thus far. A brief preview to some of these.
Pre-harvest food safety conference 
Following the success of the Salmonella and Campylobacter reduction conference during the previous edition of IPE, a “Pre-harvest food safety conference” will be held. Registration will allow participation in the two half-day sessions. This event will complement the Salmonella and Campylobacter Reduction Conference. Regulators and researchers will come together with experts from the poultry industry and the allied industries, to discuss matters on the control of food borne pathogens in poultry pre-harvest operations. 
Programme topics will include Salmonella intervention strategies in production operations, use of vaccines to control Salmonella as well as environmental impacts of on-farm interventions, current trends in antibiotic usage in food animal production, and industry assessment of Salmonella and Campylobacter on the farm. The conference registration fee of 150 USD will also include admission to IPE.
Hatchery-Breeder clinic returns
The Hatchery-Breeder clinic will again be held in conjunction with the show. The clinic will provide an opportunity for hatchery and breeder flock managers to learn the latest techniques for producing good quality chicks. It will focus on both hatchery and breeder operations.

Topics will include an industry overview, Salmonella and Campylobacter in breeders; a disease update for breeders; incubation needs for modern breeds; new equipment for hatcheries and breeder farms; heat recovery systems for hatcheries; changing vaccination programs and the impact of disease trends; male management for optimum fertility; and alternative feed ingredients for breeders.

What, where and when
• IPE and IFE will run concurrently from January 24-26 in the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
•  Show hours are:
Tuesday: from noon – 17:00
Wednesday: from 09:00 – 17:00
Thursday: from 09:00 – 15:00
•  Pre-registration is available on-line only at $40 (USD) up until January 6, 2012. Thereafter on-site registration will be $60 (USD). Additional fees apply for educational programmes.
• The International Scientific Forum will take place Jan 23-24 in the Georgia World Congress Center.
• All information can be found at

Getting back to basics
This year’s Animal Agriculture Sustainability Summit will focus on sustainability in lean times with an emphasis on getting back to basics. Program topics will include building a culture of sustainability; operational efficiencies; long-term risk management approach and communicating sustainability. Jim Perdue, chairman of Perdue Farms, and Mike Helgeson, CEO of GNP Company, will participate in a panel discussing the importance of sustainability efforts within the poultry and egg industry.
International Rendering Symposium
New at IPE is an International Rendering Symposium. The US rendering industry collects and safely processes more than 50 billion pounds of animal by-products each year. Through this process the industry converts these materials into fats and proteins used in animal feed. The rendering industry provides services for the safe collection of these materials, transports the materials in bio-secure, leak-proof trucks, and uses heat to dehydrate and separate the fat and solid materials. This extensive process builds on the need to include safety and quality into a rendered product. 
The program will include several globally recognised speakers who will focus on control methods, microbiological controls, research, and useful details on using rendered products in high quality diets for various species.
Charting the Course
The US egg production and processing industry is facing great challenges. Producers and processors must address international competition, high input costs, social issues, and government regulations while attempting to meet an ever increasing global demand for food. An executive conference on the future of the American Egg Industry on Wednesday will address many of these issues.
Courses at GA University
IPE is collaborating with the University of Georgia to promote the Georgia International Poultry Short Course 2012 from January 27 – 31. This is a four-day day conference which covers a broad range of topics for professionals in the industry. Also there is a Spanish Poultry Processing Course from January 28 – February 1. Both courses will be held in Athens, GA.

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