Fail-safe air inlets for poultry and pig houses

18-09-2014 | |
Fail-safe air inlets for poultry and pig houses

German turnkey stables producer Hölscher + Leuschner will present a novel type of air inlet for poultry and pig housing at the upcoming edition of EuroTier.

The ‘VRV Air’, designed to be fail-safe and maintenance-free, is supposed to work even in the case of a power shutdown. Key are three elements:

  • Adequate sizing of the inlets, so that sufficient natural ventilation of the building is ensured in the event of a power failure.
  • The regulating units for the ventilation elements in normal operation at the same time are also the ventilation units in emergency mode, so that a lack of functionality would be noticed immediately by the everyday use of these regulation untis. In normal operation a defective functionality does not cause any damage, but is directly communicated by a system error message. Any further maintenance is therfore not necessary.
  • Accurate control of the air inlet velocity to ensure constant climate in the compartment without the occurrence of drafts. This is particularly important because the air inlets have a total of large cross-sections and therefore exact positioning and precise control of the depression as indirect parameter for air inlet velocity are essential.

Hölscher + Leuschner can be found at EuroTier in Hall 11, stand F24.

Ter Beek
Vincent Ter Beek Editor: Pig Progress