German company builds chicken plant in Russia

06-02-2008 | |

Germany’s largest producer of chicken meat, PHW-Gruppe Lohmann & Co., has opened a division in Russia, Wiesenhof-Kaliningrad-International, which will produce chicken products in Kaliningrad Region.

Brazilian companies Sadia and Perdigao are the two other foreign poultry producers in Russia. These companies produce for the local Russian market, whereas the German company’s poultry products produced in Russia will be shipped back to Germany.
The local administration in Kaliningrad recently announced that Wiesenhof-Kaliningrad-International would become a resident of that region’s special economic zone. The administration also stated that the company will build a chicken meat processing plant in the village of Maloe Isakovo, Guryev District, with an initial investment of 288.9 mln rubles (approx. US$12 mln).
It is anticipated that the plant will produce 15,000 tonnes of frozen chicken meat and chicken-based food products per year.