October Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

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Photo: Dreamstime
Photo: Dreamstime

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse and bring you a comprehensive summary of the latest business updates from the global poultry industry this October.

ProPhorce SR celebrates 10 years

Global feed additives producer, Perstorp, celebrates 10 years of the commercial application of its tributyrins solution, ProPhorce SR in animal nutrition. The product aims to support gut health and performance. This year, the company also celebrates 140 years in business.

Danisco Animal Nutrition announces price increase

Danisco Animal Nutrition has announced a global 10% price increase across its entire product portfolio. The move is the result of unprecedented cost escalation on raw materials, packaging, and logistics.

Cargill launches poultry feed with essential oils

Cargill has added essential oils to its Nutrena Naturewise poultry feeds, which the company says contribute to the promotion of egg weight, size and production, enhanced palatability and a fresh aroma direct from the bag.

Schaffelaarbos signs JV for new egg factory in Turkey

European producer of circular (egg) proteins for the animal feed industry, Schaffelaarbos, has signed a joint venture with Yuniko AS to establish a new production facility in Turkey. With the investment of around €15 million, Schaffelaarbos aims to accelerate its international growth and expects to begin production by the end of 2022. The new factory will produce egg powder from liquid eggs using the brand name Ovolin.

VIV MEA returns to Abu Dhabi

The international Feed to Food trade show, VIV MEA, returns to Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from 23 to 25 November 2021 for its third edition where about 500 global exhibitors will showcase their products. Visitors can register at www.vivmea.nl.

Photo: VIV

Photo: VIV

DSM opens analytical lab at Biomin Research Centre

Royal DSM has opened its new Analytical Center of Excellence in Tulln, Lower Austria. The facility consists of 200sqm of new laboratory space and complements the existing R&D facilities on site at the Biomin Research Center. Scientists will use tools to conduct analyses of the nutritional content of animal feed, premixes and eggs.

Anpario launches Optomega Algae

Anpario has launched a new microalgae-derived omega-3 fatty acid supplement, Optomega Algae powder, and is targeted at breeding animals and producers supplying enriched meat, milk and eggs containing higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Waste sugarcane is used as an energy source to power the production facility.

Photo: Anpario

Photo: Anpario

Hamlet Protein ‘Feed Your Brain’ seminars return to Germany

Hamlet Protein has re-launched its Feed Your Brain seminars in Germany. Two sessions were held, focusing on nutrition and health challenges in swine and ruminants (piglets and calves) and poultry (chicks). These seminars facilitate the exchange of information between nutritionists, experts and producers. The seminar on poultry nutrition discussed gut health, coccidiosis vaccine side effects, the outlook of China’s feed industry and recent findings on the impact of dietary anti-nutritional factors in chickens.

EW Nutrition launches Ventar D for gut health

EW Nutrition has launched its gut health modifier, Ventar D, is a proprietary blend of phytomolecules, formulated to support gut health. On top of its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits, its original encapsulation delivers optimal thermal stability, according to the company.

Cobb Africa and Irvine’s host first technical school

Cobb Africa collaborated with Irvine’s for the first Irvine’s Technical School in October with more than 160 industry professionals from across Africa joining the virtual event. The event included information sessions and panels on a range of topics, including female management for optimum egg production, male management for optimum fertility, optimum chick quality, optimum cleanout, house preparation, and brooding, optimum water hygiene and management, winter and summer ventilation for open-sided houses, the importance of record-keeping and data analysis, and the importance of raw materials and nutrition specifications.

Photo: Cobb

Photo: Cobb

Hotraco Agri open Moscow branch

To better serve various customers in Russia, the Dutch Hotraco Group opened an office in Moscow. The company’s core business is the regulation, control and monitoring of animal housing processes for pig, poultry and other livestock farming sectors.

Lubing introduces ultrasonic cleaning

Lubing’s ultrasonic cleaning technology, UltraFlush, integrates into newly-build drinking lines as an add-on unit with its own electronic control. The ultrasonic transducer is installed downstream of the water supply directly on the supply line and emits ultrasonic waves into the drinking water. These prevent deposits on the lines, without chemicals, ensuring all loosened particles and impurities can be flushed out of the system.

Photo: Lubing

Photo: Lubing

Jim Hunnable passes away unexpectedly

The Hubbard team has sadly announced that Jim Hunnable has passed away. Born in May 1947 in Essex, Hunnable started his career in the poultry business at the age of 15 as a trainee at Cobb in the UK, working his way up to MD of Cobb Breeding Company Limited. He joined Hubbard in 2003. After nearly 60 years of service, he was still committed to the poultry industry.

Photo: Hubbard

Photo: Hubbard

Hotraco announces new CCO

Hotraco has named Berta Danielsdóttir as chief commercial officer, the first female to fill this position in the company. She will be responsible for developing and executing Hotraco’s global sales strategy to increase market share, grow revenues and develop the company’s organisational profile.

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