September business update: What’s new in the poultry sector?

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chicken that finishes being born
chicken that finishes being born

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse and bring you a comprehensive summary of the latest business updates from the poultry industry worldwide.

DuPont Animal Nutrition partners with Proteon Pharmaceuticals

DuPont Animal Nutrition has entered into a partnership with Proteon Pharmaceuticals to bring the emerging bacteriophage technology to poultry producers in selected countries, strengthening DuPont’s gut health solutions for poultry and helping to further mitigate antimicrobial resistance. The threat of antimicrobial resistance sparked recent investment into bacteriophage technologies. Modern analytics and omics technologies have enabled screening and identification of bacteriophage candidates for a specific bacterial challenge, with significant feed and food safety implications.

Poultrix named finalist in Nutreco’s Feed & Food Tech Challenge

The data management and analytics platform showcased by Israeli startup, Poultrix, has been selected as a finalist in the livestock category in Nutreco’s Feed & Food Tech Challenge 2020. The platform aims to make livestock production more efficient, sustainable and responsible through remote and real-time monitoring for immediate control. The Challenge aims to acknowledge breakthrough innovations within livestock farming, aquaculture and alternative food proteins. Finland-based biotech startup, eniferBio, won in the aquaculture category and overall, with the idea to reinvent the Pekilo process to use it to provide a sustainable new feed ingredient to the aquaculture industry, and pet food startup company, Bond Pet Foods, impressed with their high-quality cultured animal proteins which are harvested to better meet the nutritional requirements of companion animals.

Moba introduces the Omnia XF2

Moba, producer of integrated systems for the grading, packaging and processing of consumption eggs, has introduced its new extension in the Omnia grader family: the Omnia XF2. The XF2 has a new infeed system and new hygienic features. With a capacity from 45,000 to 255,000 eggs per hour, the Omnia series is now available in all capacities.

Photo: Moba

Photo: Moba

European Fly Genetics a new player in insect production

French Groupe Grimaud and Bulgarian Start-up Nasekomo announce the launch of Fly Genetics, a joint venture to supply the insect-based bioconversion industry with improved black soldier flies. The insect-based bioconversion industry recycles agricultural waste streams into high value-added proteins whereby large amounts of organic by-products are fed to black soldier fly larvae, which convert organic nutrients into their own body mass. This is then harvested and processed into protein that can be included as an ingredient in feed. The alliance will work together on new black soldier fly strains to increase insect bioconversion efficiency. The new company plans to market its black soldier flies from the second half of 2021.

DuPont opens manufacturing facility in Wuxi, China

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences, with a comprehensive portfolio of feed enzymes, betaine, phytogenics and probiotics, has opened a new animal nutrition manufacturing facility in Wuxi, China,a to provide the local animal production industry with customised solutions and a larger range of packaging sizes.

Photo: DuPont

Photo: DuPont

ADM partners with Auburn University on poultry feed enzymes

ADM is teaming up with the Department of Poultry Science in Auburn University’s College of Agriculture to conduct research on poultry feed enzymes. Students will conduct experiments in feed mill enzyme processing stability and live broiler chicken growth and digestibility at the new Charles C. Miller Jr Poultry Research and Education Center. The research is further enhanced by an US$80,000 grant from ADM Cares. Students will work with ADM’s other R&D facilities worldwide to help develop poultry enzyme products, improving animal health and nutrition.

Aviagen hosts first-ever virtual production management school

In August, Aviagen hosted the first ever virtual Production Management School which welcomed 480 attendees from round the globe. The virtual nature of the course broadened the scope of knowledge sharing. More than 35 topics presented by Aviagen and industry experts explored best practices in poultry production that serve to strengthen bird welfare, health and performance, while increasing profitability for chicken producers. Among the highlights was a live ventilation workshop.

Roxell expands range of MiniMax feeder pans

The round MiniMax feeder pan for broilers is now modular, resulting in a feeder pan that is adapted to the preferences and practices of each poultry farmer.

Photo: Roxell

Photo: Roxell

Evonik launches GuanAMINO

Evonik has launched its own guanidinoacetic acid-product, GuanAMINO, used to enhance energy metabolism in livestock production. The new product provides farm animals with the natural creatine precursor GAA, which supplies creatine to animals, improving their performance, ensuring optimal nutrient utilisation and therefore return over feed costs, according to the company, adding that its addition to animal feed results in significantly improved feed conversion in livestock.

AB Vista: Whitepaper on fibre for animal performance

Following the release of ‘An Introduction to Fibre Analysis Using NIR’ in July, AB Vista has published a new whitepaper, ‘Peeling Back the Layers of Fibre for Animal Performance’ which discusses misconceptions about dietary fibre and explores the potential of non-starch polysaccharides analysis through near infrared to bring new insights related to fibre composition, and outlines the tools available for producers to extract value of the dietary fibre through the modulation of gut microbiome and better performance. A free copy of the whitepaper is available for download.

Photo: AB Vista

Photo: AB Vista

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