Argentine poultry meat exports up

31-07-2007 | | |

According to the Argentine food quality and safety authority SENASA, Argentina exported $81.2 million (€59.5 million) worth of fresh and processed poultry meat and by-products in the first half of 2007 – an increase of 48% year-on-year.

In the first half of 2007, Argentine exports of poultry meat and by-products rose 33% to 67,363 tonnes. A 49% year-on-year increase was seen in the export of fresh poultry meat, including whole poultry, breasts and thighs, worth $52.89 million (€38.78 million).
Argentine fresh poultry meat exports rose by 38% to 41,465 tonnes, of which Chile imported 11,364 tonnes, South Africa imported 6,560 tonnes, Saudi Arabia 3,198 tonnes, Germany 2,390 tonnes and Congo 2,227 tonnes.
The exports of poultry by-products were up 28% to 23,732 tonnes and rose by 57% to $22.15 million (€16.2 million). The main importers of Argentine poultry by-products were China with 10,229 tonnes and Hong Kong with 6,972 tonnes.
Argentine processed chicken meat exports rose by 28% to 2,166 tonnes and by 23% to $6.13 million (€4.5 million). Germany was the major importer of Argentine processed chicken meat, with 938 tonnes, followed by the Netherlands with 726 tonnes.
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