Canada: $20mln invested in traceability

13-07-2009 | | |

A $20 mln investment is being made by Canadas government, in order to create a traceability path that can link the grocery store product to Canadian livestock.

“Strengthening Canada’s traceability system will make it easier for individual Canadian producers to get credit and premium prices for the top-quality meat products they provide to families in Canada and around the world. A superior traceability system also helps protect the security of our food supply by allowing us to quickly and effectively track down a potential problem before it can spread. This will, in turn, help us open up new markets for Canadian livestock producers on the world stage,” said Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz.

“We are pleased to see provinces such as Quebec and Alberta are implementing their own innovative traceability initiatives and we want to build on that success by helping all regions to build a national system,” stated Minister of National Revenue and Minister of State (Agriculture) Jean-Pierre Blackburn.

The announcement of the Auction Traceability Initiative was made at the yearly federal-provincial-territorial meeting of agriculture ministers.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist