Hubbard F15 proving its worth on Turkish poultry farm

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Hubbard F15 proving its worth on Turkish poultry farm
Hubbard F15 proving its worth on Turkish poultry farm

Keskinoglu is a family-owned company based near Akhisar in the western part of Turkey and has a rich history in poultry business which started in 1963 with only 30 layer chicks.

Nowadays they are one of the leading broiler meat and table egg producers and the first Turkish company allowed exporting to the EU. Keskinoglu currently processes nearly 100 million broilers (230,000 tonnes of meat) per year. Besides the poultry business they have also developed over the years other businesses like: olive oil production, animal feed production, organic fertilizers, cardboard packaging, logistics, their own “Tavvuk” restaurant chain and medical products.

In 2010 the company placed the first Hubbard F15 breeder flocks and by now the Hubbard F15 represents more than 60% of their total volume. Even in hot climate conditions and a stocking density of 8.4 females per m2 the Hubbard F15 female produces according to the breed standard. The increased stocking density on breeder level in comparison with a standard breed delivers 25% more day-old-chicks per m2 with 30g less feed/chick produced due to the “Feedsaver” concept of the Hubbard F15, leading to the lowest cost of production per day-old-chick.

On broiler level the lower FCR allows to safe 60-100g of feed per each kg of live weight (6-10 points of FCR). All these advantages together with a significant better liveability, excellent growth and a higher level of A-quality carcasses made Keskinoglu to decide to work more and more with the Hubbard F15 which are supported by the “Less Feed, More Meat” campaign of Hubbard.

Baltisa and Hubbard organised a technical visit for a Russian and Kazakhstan delegation to the Keskinoglu company in Turkey to share the positive experiences of the Hubbard F15 used successfully by their companies.

The delegation consisted of major players within the Russian and Kazakh poultry industry. Representatives from Siberia, Ural, the “Far East” and Almaty attended the visit and extensively exchanged on management and technical aspects with their counterparts at Keskinoglu.

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