Improved health and higher liveability of broilers

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Improved health and higher liveability of broilers

Broilers raised on litter develop more chance of infections because the litter turns into an unhygienic surface existing mostly out of manure. Birds breath in harmful ammonia gasses that cause respiratory problems and walk and rest on manure which cause food pad dermatitis and breast blisters. The result is an abundant supply of antibiotics to defeat illnesses.

A study by the Dutch health authority GD Pluimvee shows that infections with the ESBL-bacteria by broilers is mostly caused by horizontal transmission due to unhygienic circumstances in the house. The study of the Dutch authority shows that broilers living on slats have significantly less infections. This is because they are separated from manure.

With the development of the BroMaxx broiler colony system Jansen Poultry Equipment managed to tackle health problems by developing a system which removes manure out of the house. Animals live on slats and underneath manure belts remove manure out of the house. The BroMaxx housing system creates a hygienic environment for broilers and therefore eliminates an important cause of the ESBL-bacteria. Results of broiler production in the BroMaxx broiler colony system show that the amount of antibiotics that is used to defend illnesses is significantly lower than traditional housing of broilers. Besides less illnesses such as respiratory disease also footpad dermatitis and breast blisters do not occur as birds do not live on their own manure. Comfortable FlexFloor slats give excellent support to the birds feed and breast. The slat confirms itself to the shape of the broiler’s body and allows air to ventilate their body.

Because broilers are raised in a healthy environment, they have a much better feed conversion ratio as they do not waste their energy to defend illnesses. Also the Jansen Feed pan is developed to avoid feed spillage as the young chicks cannot scratch feed out of the pan. In this way extra profit can be gained by saving feed.

A higher number of broilers can be produced compared to the traditional floor houses. The BroMaxx broiler colony system is a tier system that utilizes the house surface efficiently and has an optimal bird density. Besides this, the liveability of broilers in the BroMaxx colony housing system is much higher resulting in a maximum broiler production. With the BroMaxx broiler colony system it is possible to produce at least three times more broilers on the same surface as a traditional broiler floor housing. This means that instead of three houses only one house has to be build.

Another problem Jansen Poultry Equipment managed to tackle with the BroMaxx broiler colony housing system is the harvesting of broilers. Jansen Poultry Equipment developed a solution in which broilers are transported to one side of the house. The manure belt and FlexFloor slats become very handy tools to transport broilers out of the colony system. Broilers do not have to be caught anymore and the quality of the carcass remains as the birds are transported in one straight line to one side of the BroMaxx colony housing system. From this point there are different solutions to place broilers in containers of crates.

A capacity of harvesting 12,000 broilers per hour into containers has become possible since the development of the EasyLoader automatic harvesting system. This system was launched on the market by Jansen Poultry Equipment in 2012. The big advantage of this system besides the large capacity, is that the straight line of transport remains. The EasyLoader transports broilers out of the BroMaxx colony housing systems into containers in one straight line. Bends and curves are avoided and therefore the chance of broken legs and wings is minimised. Less labour, higher production capacity and perfect meat quality are the results of this excellent harvesting method.