New high for Polish poultry meat output

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New high for Polish poultry meat output

Chicken, which now makes up around 70% of Polish poultry meat production, is up from 68% in 2005, while turkey meat production fell by 4% to 28%.

Polish exports in January-October of 2006 reached 153 817t, up 7.34 year-on-year, but up a massive 75% on 2004 levels. Overall poultry meat production reached a record high of 1.08mt in 2006, up 6% year-on-year, according to official information quoted by German market analyst, ZMP. Per capita consumption also reached a new record-high of 24.0kg and is likely to rise further in the coming year, given that consumers see chicken meat as good value.

Polish poultry meat exports also reached record levels in 2006 – total exports reached 205,000t, around one-third of which was destined for Germany . In 2005, 40% of all Polish poultry meat exports went to Germany . The UK and Belarus were also important export markets for Polish poultry producers.

Polish poultry producers were struggling at the start of 2006. Avian flu fears had unnerved consumers, leading to stagnating sales and prices saw a downward spiral. However, the market eased from June, and according to data from the Polish agriculture ministry, the price of broilers in August reached €0.69/kg, up 10% on the start of 2006 and up 14% on March levels.

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