Proper training for poultry workers necessary

21-01-2008 | | |
Proper training for poultry workers necessary

The new poultry processing guidelines to reduce campylobacter will be meaningless without proper training, says the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU).

In an effort to reduce cases of food poisoning, the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and the Poultry Industry Association have put together new guidelines. However, the EPMU is concerned that the high levels of short-term agency labour used in the industry will hinder their implementation.
There have been campylobacter concerns for poultry workers for some time now, says EPMU National Secretary Andrew Little.
“Often people see the high level of campylobacter in our poultry as a consumer issue only, but many workers, including our members, are exposed to this organism on a daily basis,” says Little.
He goes on to say that there are many temporary workers in the poultry industry and that these short-term workers are frequently not as aware of food-safety practices as they should be. “…if employers in the industry don’t change this situation new guidelines will become meaningless,” he adds.
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