Total visual control for poultry farms

30-01-2013 | | |
Total visual control for poultry farms

US housing and equipment company Val-Co presents a novel control panel, which includes a touch screen and a visual display of a poultry farm.

The system, called Horizon Controller, can be covered when not being used and allows users to point to a certain area for more monitoring data. This can include aspects like climate, fans, light, evaporative cooling, feeding, water usage, alarms, heating and more.

The system has already been available in English – versions in Spanish, Russian and Portuguese are also available soon.

Updates can be performed by adding software through using a USB device.

Val-Co also presented its new Hemisphere Mixing Fan. This fan, to be attached to the ceiling of a poultry house, recirculates the air and thus reduces the total temperature difference inside the poultry house.

The process of recirculating air aids in manure drying. The product uses patent-pending technology.

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