Venezuala’s Agrobueyca plans major hatchery expansion

07-10-2011 | | |
Venezuala’s Agrobueyca plans major hatchery expansion

Agrobueyca, Venezuala’s leading integration and feed manufacturer, is to expand operations with a brand new Smart™ single-stage hatchery from Pas Reform, capable of producing 1.3 million day old chicks per week.

The new hatchery will incorporate SmartSet™ setters, SmartHatch™ hatchers, an entire hatchery climate control system and a comprehensive hatchery automation line, to deliver one of the largest and most modern broiler hatcheries to date in Latin America.

A family-owned and run business, Agrobueyca was established in Venezuela in 1992, headed by Sr. Antonio Gomez who together with his team has been working on plans for the new hatchery complex for the past two years. He explains: “Our research and development work for the new hatchery has been extensive. Agrobueyca’s policy is to achieve the highest quality, absolute transparency and fair pricing for our customers – and the new hatchery will reflect all these values.

Pas Reform’s experience and Smart™ single-stage incubation technologies were, says Sr. Gomez, pivotal to Agrobueyca’s final choice of equipment supplier. “Pas Reform’s proposal was further strengthened by the capabilities of Pas Reform Academy for providing technical and training services, particularly during the start-up phase of the new operation.

Ranulfo Ortiz, Business Development Manager adds: “Agrobueyca’s new hatchery is a complete and future-focused project, in that it holds modular single stage setters and hatchers, with a comprehensive climate control system that incorporates the very latest insights into hatchery ventilation. The new hatchery will deliver levels of automation that we normally only encounter in European hatchery operations, with automatic candling and transfer, in line sexing and in ovo vaccination and an egg grading line with point down setting and prehatch crack detection.”

“The new Agrobueyca hatchery represents a very important step for Pas Reform in Latin America,” concludes Bouke Hamminga, Director Business Development for Pas Reform. “[Pas Reform] has invested substantially in this market, to ensure that with a service centre for maintenance and parts supply in Mexico and a complete manufacturing base in Brasil, our customers here can not only access the advanced incubation technologies delivered by Smart™, but also that they have localised access to specialised personnel, project management and technical support.

Source: Pas Reform