April Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

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April Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse and bring you a comprehensive summary of the latest business updates from the global poultry industry this April.

Isabella von Seggern Zinpro’s undergraduate poultry science scholarship recipient

Zinpro has announced that the company has awarded Isabella von Seggern with the 2023 Zinpro Undergraduate Poultry Science Scholarship Award, which was established to promote diversity in the poultry science industry. While she is currently studying animal science at Iowa State University, Von Seggern’s interest in poultry started years earlier as she grew up showing ornamental chickens. Once in college, she rediscovered her passion for poultry and combined that with her desire help feed the world in a sustainable way and to educate consumers on how animal agriculture works. After von Seggern completes her bachelor’s degree, she plans to pursue either veterinary or graduate school before studying poultry behaviour and neurological functions.

Humanativ supports Tanmiah to launch first Omega-3 chicken in Middle East

Photo: Humanativ / Tanmiah

Humanativ has partnered with Tanmiah Food Company to bring chicken naturally enriched with Omega-3 DHA to Saudi Arabia as part of a fresh new product line called Tanmiah Life. The chicken is naturally enriched with Humanativ’s unique, plant-based omega-3 DHA product, OmegaPro, that enables food producers to naturally enrich meat and eggs through the animals’ diet. The Tanmiah Life Omega-3 enriched chicken range includes whole chicken, breast fillets, thighs and drumsticks, and is available in retail stores across Saudi Arabia.

The WVA Global Veterinary Awards are launched

The World Veterinary Association (WVA) and Ceva Sante Animale (Ceva) announce the WVA Global Veterinary Awards, the evolution of the Global Animal Welfare Awards launched in 2017 and focused solely on Animal Welfare. The new WVA Global Veterinary Awards comprise 6 awards that recognise veterinarians for their work in providing animal owners, governments, health authorities, farmers, other veterinarians, and the public with best practice across one health, medicine stewardship, animal welfare, veterinary education, ‘Veterinary student of the year’, and the overall winner as ‘Veterinarian of the year’. WVA calls out to its members worldwide for nominations. The award winners will be announced in early 2024 with a final ceremony during WVAC 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Evonik strengthens its Animal Nutrition business line

Evonik is transforming the operating model of its Animal Nutrition business with the amino acids business and the specialties business operating separately and according to different models. The company is also optimising the production setup for the manufacture of MetAmino (DL-methionine) at its 3 production hubs and improving the ecological footprint.

Mérieux NutriSciences acquires Blonk

Blonk, an expert in the field of food system sustainability which supports organisations to better understand their environmental impact in the agri-food value chain by offering LCA-based advice (Life Cycle Assessment) and developing software tools, is joining Mérieux NutriSciences group, a family-owned company operating in food safety, quality and sustainability.

Bird flu sees increase in demand for Danish disinfection products

A global agricultural market affected by avian influenza and African Swine Fever outbreaks has given the Danish manufacture of hygiene and disinfection products for livestock, Jorenku, an increased bottom line, increasing now for the third year in a row, ending 2022 up 27% at DKK 2.7 million (2021: 2.1 m). The company attributes this positive development to its flagship disinfection product, Staldren, which it exports to more than 65 countries.

CP Foods pursues sustainable water management

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods) is embracing the 3R principles (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and adopting advanced technologies, such as ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, to increase water efficiency, which helped operations in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Turkey and Laos to increase the amount of reused and recycled water to 55 million mt in 2022. For example, before entering the covered lagoon of the biogas system, the layer farms mixed biogas wastewater with chicken manure to reduce the amount of fresh water used by the system. At the chicken hatchery, a new washing machine was installed to increase the water efficiency of cleaning equipment and tools.

Alltech ONE World Tour announces European stops

Dates and locations have been announced for the spring European leg of the Alltech ONE World Tour, which will explore collaborative solutions to the greatest challenges facing the agri-food industry. The first stops are in Budapest (Hungary) from 22-23 May and Dublin (Ireland) from 19-20 June. The tour will continue to Canada, the US, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

ITB presents new AIR2-DS with shortened blades for heat recovery in temperate climates

ITB Climate has developed a new version of its Air2-DS heat exchanger, made with extra short fins, which is suitable for swine and poultry barns in temperate climates. The heat exchanger helps livestock farmers recover heat from their barns and achieve up to 60% energy savings.

Dutch Poultry Expo and Dutch Pork Expo continue together

The Dutch Pork Expo and Dutch Poultry Expo will continue together under the name Dutch Pork & Poultry Expo. In even years, the event will take place in Evenementenhal Hardenberg and in odd years in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. The next edition of Dutch Pork & Poultry Expo will take place from 16-17 October 2024 and the next from 15-16 October 2025.

Photo: FreezeM

FreezeM Launches enhanced genetic line of Black Soldier Flies

FreezeM, an agri-tech company from Israel, has developed an enhanced genetic line of Black Soldier Flies entitled BSF-Titan. The company says that the new line can reach a 50% bigger larvae size, will reduce industry costs, and improve feed conversion rates.

Novozymes and Chr. Hansen partner

In December 2022, Novozymes and Chr. Hansen announced that they have entered into an agreement to create a global biosolutions partnership through a statutory merger of the 2 companies. On 30 March 2023, the shareholders confirmed their approval. The completion of the proposed merger is subject to customary merger control and other regulatory approvals.

CJ Selecta accelerates ESG management to stop Amazon deforestation

CJ Selecta, the Brazil-based soy protein concentrate producer and a subsidiary of South Korea-based CJ CheilJedang, has announced that it would no longer purchase any soybeans from the Amazon rainforest starting this year. This decision comes after the company declared itself “deforestation-free” in 2021. CJ Selecta’s Seed Project, launched to replace soybeans sourced from the Amazon, has seen a steady increase in participation, with around 200 farmers currently engaged. The programme provides seed and financing to Brazilian farmers outside of the Amazon forest, and commits to purchasing their entire soybean harvest.

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