​July Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

​July Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse and bring you a comprehensive summary of the latest business updates from the global poultry industry this July.

IFF introduces phytase enzyme in the EU

Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, a business unit of IFF, announced that Axtra Phy Gold has been authorised for in-feed use in the EU for poultry and swine. This phytase works to break down phytates present in grains and other ingredients which would otherwise interfere with digestion, says the company, adding that this improves the uptake of phosphorus, calcium, energy and amino acids. Axtra Phy Gold is also available in the US, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

Hubbard Premium Forum 2023 focused on sustainability

Photo: Hubbard

In June, about 150 attendees came from 29 countries to Evian in France to attend the biennial Hubbard Premium Forum, during which speakers shared their experience with the Hubbard Premium breeds with the audience and gave insights into different types of slower-growing chickens, markets, and management practices. In addition to the ‘social’ component of sustainability, by using slow(er) growing Premium chickens, the topics of economics and environmental footprint were addressed.

DSM-Firmenich acquires postbiotics company Adare Biome

DSM-Firmenich has completed its acquisition of Adare Biome, an enterprise value of €275 million which develops and manufactures postbiotics.

Photo: Vano Group

Vano Group celebrates 20-year milestone

Vano Group, an exclusive Aviagen Ross Grandparent distributor, recently celebrated their 20-year anniversary with a customer seminar in Erbil, Iraq. The company also commemorated their 17-year anniversary with the Ross 308 breed within the Iraqi market, which the companies say is performing exceptionally well.

E.F.S. launches highly digestible soy protein

E.F.S. has added the European and GMO-free soy protein, Soy CP, to their product portfolio. The company says that a special fermentation process increases the protein digestibility of Soy CP to 94% and increases the protein content in Soy CP to around 56% crude protein.

Alltech mycotoxin team awarded Toxins 2022 best paper award

Alltech’s mycotoxin research paper, ‘Co-occurrence of 35 mycotoxins: A 7-year survey of corn grain and corn silage in the US’, has been recognised by the international research journal Toxins as one of 3 winners of their 2022 Best Paper Awards. The paper describes how mycotoxins contaminate corn grain and silage in the US. It also showed that multiple mycotoxins were often present in both corn grain and corn silage and that some of the more frequent mycotoxins were ones that may not be routinely analysed by many programs.

ABN partners with new industry initiative to help cut farm emissions

British manufacturer of pig and poultry feed, ABN, is partnering with a new Defra-funded, PGRO-led pulse research project involving 200 UK farms and 17 partners, aimed at increasing pulse cropping in arable rotations across the UK from 5% to 20%, developing and testing new feed rations, and helping livestock producers reduce reliance on imported soya meal used in feed by 50%, replacing it with home-grown pulses and legumes.

Photo: UFAC UK

UFAC UK completes major mill upgrade

Nutritional supplement manufacturer and supplier to the animal feed industry, UFAC UK, has completed an 18-month programme of innovation and development to its UK manufacturing facility, enhancing production efficiencies and helping to reduce its carbon footprint through the use of intelligent control systems. The updates will help meet the demand for energy, protein and Omega-3 nutritional solutions.

NOVUS honours animal ag educator

Teaching Excellence Award Liz Karcher
Photo: Novus

Novus presented the 2023 Novus Outstanding Teaching Award to Elizabeth Karcher, a professor and undergraduate programme coordinator in the Department of Animal Sciences at Purdue University, during the 2023 Poultry Science Association Annual meetinghttps://poultryscience.org/PSA-Annual-Meeting in Pennsylvania in the US. Along with her work in the classroom, Karcher has published over 25 journal articles and was the recipient of 3 poultry-related educational grants from the USDA.

Adisseo appoints new CEO

Since 1 july, Dr HAO Zhigang, chairman of Adisseo‘s board of directors for more than 5 years, has taken on the role of Chief Executive Officer following the leaving of Jean-Marc Dublanc from his operational duties at the company.

Hamlet Protein appoints operations director

Hamlet Protein has appointed Lars Petersen as operations director. Based out of Hamlet Protein’s headquarters in Horsens, he will be responsible for the plants in Denmark and the US, procurement, and laboratories and help drive the company’s sustainability agenda. He brings with him an international background and experience in operational functions with companies like Good Food Group, Rynkeby Foods, and Harboefarm.

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