October Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

October Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse and will bring you a summary of the latest business updates from the global poultry industry this October.

Sanovo launches HatchPerformance Line

Photo: Sanovo

Sanovo has announced the launch of the HatchPerformance Line, an egg handling solution specifically for fertile, vulnerable eggs, which the company says require sensitive, careful handling in an automated way to maximise production efficiency. The HatchPerformance Line consists of an electronic egg grader, an egg packer, and a trolley loader. With the full system, Sanovo says breeder farmers prevent physical contact with the fertilized eggs and decrease the risk of contamination causing harm to the embryo or even infecting other eggs.

HatchTech and REWE Group reach agreement on ownership of SELEGGT and respeggt

HatchTech and European retail group, REWE Group, have agreed that that HatchTech will acquire REWE Group’s 50% stake in the SELEGGT GmbH and respeggt GmbH. HatchTech and REWE Group jointly founded SELEGGT (2017) and respeggt (2019). Today, 7 gender identification machines are installed and operational, allowing to house around 20 million laying hens “Free of Chick Culling”.

Aviagen invests to secure supply of Hubbard Broiler Breeders in Latin America

Photo: Aviagen

Aviagen has announced an investment of R$50 million (US$9.5 million) to expand its Luziânia operations in the state of Goiás, Brazil. Luziânia produces Hubbard Efficiency Plus broiler breeding stock. Scheduled for completion in 2024, the expansion will double the production capacity of Efficiency Plus for the Brazilian market. A subsidiary of Aviagen Group, Hubbard operates independently as a broiler breeding company with its own breeding and commercial activities.

HatchTech partners with Norsk Kylling

HatchTech is supporting one of Norway’s leading broiler producers with a new, large-scale hatchery project that it says is “raising the bar for chick quality and welfare”. The Hugaas Rugeri hatchery, which is owned by one of Norway’s biggest chicken producers, Norsk Kylling, is one of the first major hatcheries to implement the recently launched new HatchCare system. The system installed at the Hugaas Rugeri hatchery will offer an initial capacity of 19 million day-old chicks per year. Launched at the VIV Europe poultry and egg trade show in June, the new HatchCare system provides better climate conditions, improved uniformity, and a more user-friendly process. This latest upgrade also introduces reversed-fan technology.

Roxell launches Fortena chain feeding system for hens

Roxell has launched the Fortena chain feeding system for broiler breeders in the production period. The feeding system improves and speeds up the feed intake of the hens and reduces residual feed, according to the company, adding that the Fortena chain has been designed with large, open links that take up 25% less space. As a result, there is less friction between the feed and the chain. Because the feed pellets remain intact, the hens also eat them more easily and faster.

Photo: Roxell

CPV exports the first shipment of processed chicken to Japan

Photo: CPV Food Company Limited

CPV Food Company Limited, a subsidiary of C.P. Vietnam Corporation has announced the export of the first shipment of processed chicken meat to Japan. This shipment is 33.6 tonnes of steamed chicken produced exclusively for the Japanese market, co-developed with ITOCHU Corporation as a business alliance and partner of C.P. Group. CPV Food’s says that its facilities in Binh Phuoc are one of the largest and the most modernise processed food production in Vietnam. The company was inaugurated and started its operation in December 2020.

Layn Natural Ingredients Launches TruGro MYC

Layn Natural Ingredients, manufacturer of natural, functional botanical extract ingredients and solutions, has launched TruGro MYC, which the company says is a potent, polyphenol-rich botanical extract solution for use as an animal feed additive to reduce the negative effects of mycotoxins on broilers and pigs.

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