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Poultry world webinar: Going for No Antibiotics Ever

Poultry World will host a webinar on the trend of moving towards production without the use of antibiotics. The webinar will be broadcasted live from Amsterdam on the 27th of March 14.00 hours CET and has a strong focus on how to make antibiotic free production a success. Going for No Antibiotics Ever is a topic which is on the mind of many broiler farmers and integrators. Market demand from conscious consumers is one driver, the chance to use novel marketing claims from the industry the other. Moving away from antibiotics is possible, but not always easy to do. Changes in feeding strategies, farm management and veterinary oversight are necessary to keep production risks at bay.

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 John Tasker

No antibiotics ever - is this possible?

Veterinarian Dr. John Tasker sits on the British Veterinary Poultry Association committee with responsibility for antibiotic matters and will delve into the reduction of antibiotic usage as well as the consequences of doing so. John has many years’ experience in the international pharmaceutical industry, particularly in areas of antibiotic development and regulation.

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Nutritional health strategies without antibiotics

Animal nutrition expert Julien Kanarek from Dupont will share his insights in ‘Nutritional health strategies without antibiotics’. He will bring you up to speed about the practical understanding of nutribiosis. He will show how a holistic approach to gut health helps producers improve performance, increase liveability and support welfare in the face of increasing pressure to remove antibiotics from production systems.


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